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Scorpion Merchandise
Premium Exhaust Spring Hook Puller
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Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your purchase of a Scorpion product. We are confident you will find the quality and construction of the product exceeds your expectations.

Your Scorpion Exhaust is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for the period of whilst installed to the vehicle as detailed on the product registration form.** Please retain your original invoice/receipt as proof of purchase for your Scorpion product should the need arise to claim against the guarantee.

Should a defect occur with the exhaust during use contact your dealer who will advise you of the necessary steps to take. If the fault in the Scorpion product is found to be due to defective materials or manufacture Scorpion Exhausts will repair or replace the defective part or parts free of charge. Slight discolouration of the stainless parts due to generated heat is NOT covered by the guarantee.

This guarantee does not cover any freight costs or labour fees incurred during the removal and refitting of the exhaust, or any loss or damage caused by such defect.

The guarantee is not transferable and covers only the original purchaser of the Scorpion Exhaust. **Some items are not covered under the lifetime guarantee.

Accidental Impact Damage (Motorcycle products only)

In the event of significant damage caused by an accident Scorpion have arranged with the dealer to provide a replacement exhaust to the same specification as originally purchased at a reduced cost. This is to ensure that the highest quality is maintained which is not always possible in the case of a product repair.

To claim against the impact damage guarantee, contact your dealer with your proof of purchase and they will return the exhaust to us. If found to be covered under the terms of the Impact Damage clause your dealer will arrange for a replacement exhaust to be supplied at 50% of the original retail cost.

The Impact Damage reduced cost replacement is limited to ONE claim during the original purchasers ownership of the product. This guarantee is non-transferable.


Warranty Limitations
(Items not covered under the warranty)

1. Faulty components not supplied by ourselves causing product damage.
2. Product being used on a vehicle other than that which it was designed for.
3. Excessive vibration due to defects or other modifications of the vehicle.
4. Internal explosion or backfire caused by incorrect fuelling.
5. Freight costs or removal/re-installation costs.
6. Any consequential loss or damage howsoever caused.
7. 2 Stroke Scooter products.
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