Volkswagen Polo Gti 6C Exhaust Now Available!

Volkswagen Polo Gti 6C Exhaust Now Available!

Volkswagen Polo Gti 6C Performance Exhausts Now Available From Scorpion Red Power!

Scorpion has just released a range of performance exhaust upgrades for Volkswagen’s latest hot Polo GTI 6c model.
After a strict development program, Scorpion Red Power now has a non-resonated 70mm 2 ¾” cat-back exhaust system made up of three separate sections to allow for easy installation and fast shipping.

The new exhaust comes with Twin 90mm Daytona tailpipes are at the business end of the system available in a highly polished or black ceramic coated finish.



Scorpion Performance Upgrade

The specialist internal construction of the rear silencer means no drone is heard in the cabin of the GTi but a perfectly suited sporty exhaust note is heard outside the car without being ‘too loud’ or offensive for every day driving. Good power improvements are seen when installing the cat-back exhaust even with standard fuel settings, weight savings are also well over 5kg.

But if you are serious about tuning the Polo GTI or wanting to take it to stage 2 or maybe even higher Scorpion technicians have developed the perfect high flow down pipe. Constructed from 76mm 3” T304 Stainless Steel the precision made billet fits perfectly onto the turbo. The turbo down pipe can be purchased with a sports cat or de-cat for greater flow levels and the down pipe is also fully interchangeable with OEM or Scorpion cat-back meaning it can be purchased at a later date. Find out more about the Polo GTI 6C Scorpion Exhaust.

Upgrade Benefits

T304 Stainless Steel Construction
BHP Increase
Weight Savings of Over 5KG!
Distinctive Scorpion Red Power Sound

If these benefits aren’t enough to get your juices flowing, then watch the video below.

Where To Buy

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