MK8 Fiesta ST Gets More Power

MK8 Fiesta ST Gets More Power

The latest Fiesta ST from Ford has been a massive hit with like-minded petrol heads in the performance car industry. Scorpion have already developed a well received range of GPF-back exhaust systems, which have proven to boost the already nippy 1.5 litre turbo charged 3 cylinder engine. Not only does the GPF-back offer a subtle increase in performance, it sounds much more sporty and also looks far better than the OE system.

MK8 Fiesta ST


And now, Scorpion technicians have just finalised a GPF delete pipe which is constructed from 70mm T304 stainless steel. It totally transforms the car performance wise, with a great increase in power of up to 12bhp when installed with our GPF-back system. Not only does it increase power and liven up throttle response, it transforms the vocals and creates more crackles and pops, especially when fully warm. Switch it to track mode and you’re in for a real treat.


Mk8 Fiesta ST GPF Delete

Scorpion technicians have made the GPF delete super-easy to install. It utilises all the same boss positions as the OE section, so it’s a direct transfer. For petrol heads wanting to keep things stealth like, the GPF delete can be installed to OE or Scorpion GPF-back! What more? The product also holds a full lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser.


Fiesta ST GPF delete pipe £235.00

Purchase the GPF delete pipe by clicking here.


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