MK8 Fiesta ST Available Now

MK8 Fiesta ST Available Now


The eagerly-awaited MK8 Fiesta ST is here! And Scorpion have already developed a GPF-back exhaust system for owners wanting to unleash the true performance potential, and enhance that off-beat three-cylinder soundtrack of Ford’s latest hot hatch.

MK8 Fiesta ST

The previous Mk7 Fiesta ST has been heaped in praise since it was first launched five years ago – with Scorpion products help, the feisty hatch achieve over 300bhp when tuned! ­– so, the latest generation ST has a lot to live up to. It may have lost 100cc (down to 1.5-litres) and dropped a cylinder, but the newest fast Ford is already winning over fans across the globe.


And now, thanks to Scorpion’s new GPF-back system, things have got even better! As a direct replacement for the restrictive OE exhaust, the Scorpion system slots neatly onto the original Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF) and replaces the original GPF-back system using all the original mounting points for a quality, hassle-free installation.

MK8 Fiesta ST

However, thanks to the larger bore, 70mm, T304 stainless steel construction, the Scorpion GPF-back allows the spent exhaust gases to exit the system faster, thus reducing backpressure and ultimately improving the power potential.

In tests, Scorpion found that their own development car fitted with the GPF-back gained 6bhp on the peak power figures, but more impressively it constantly offered both more power and torque than the stock system from 4000rpm right through to 6500rpm.


But don’t think that power increase comes at the expense of comfort in the cabin. It certainly doesn’t. Scorpion don’t like excessive booms and drone noise, so, like all of Scorpion’s performance products, the GPF-back system has been acoustically-developed to ensure it serves up the perfect exhaust note. The growly three-cylinder roar is just the right side of raucous; sporty enough to make every single drive a rewarding event, but perfectly tuned so not to compromise everyday usability. And, of course, it enhances the burbles, pops, and crackles offered by the OE system too!

Check out the video of the Scorpion development t car and hear the system for yourself…

As with many modern performance models, the new Fiesta ST comes with an active exhaust as standard – featuring an electronic valve in the tailpipe that allows drivers to choose between quieter modes for everyday driving, or louder ‘Sport’ mode when the mood takes. The Scorpion GPF-back is offered with an exhaust valve that works seamlessly with the car’s factory drive modes, or for those owners who want a permanently sporty sound, the GPF-back is also offered at a reduced price without the exhaust valve in the tailpipe.

Speaking of tailpipes, the GPF-back is available with Scorpion’s popular twin 90mm Daytona tips, either in polished stainless finish or coated in black ceramic for a stealthy look.

MK8 Fiesta ST


There’s no doubt the new Mk8 Fiesta ST will follow in the footsteps of its predecessor as one of the most rewarding, most fun-to-drive, and most tuneable fast Fords of modern times. So, to make sure we’re at the forefront of ST tuning over the coming months and years, Scorpion are already developing a range of performance turbo downpipes ready to take the power to the next level.

Stay tuned for more developments as they happen…


Fiesta ST (2018-on) GPF-back system:
From £789 (valved)

From £565 (non-valved)


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