Mean Mower V2 Earns New Guinness World Records Title

Honda’s Mean Mower V2 strikes again and claims the fastest accelerating 0-100 mph mower.

Mean Mower

On the 10th of June, it got confirmed that the innovative Honda UK Mean Mower V2, built by Team Dynamics Motorsport was once again a record holder.

The CBR1000RR engined grass cutting machine averaged 0-100 mph in just 6.29 seconds, claiming the Guinness World Record. The successful attempt took place at dekra Lausitzring,  near Dresden, Germany under the watchful eye of a Guinness World Records adjudicator. Jess Hawkins, an experienced stunt driver, kart and car racer was behind the wheel.

Exhaust Design

Scorpion technicians were given the task of developing an exhaust system for the Mean Mower.

Mean Mower V2

The innovative exhaust system is a completely bespoke design, perfectly matched to the tight spaces of the mowers frame. It’s constructed from premium quality stainless steel and features the motorsport favored Serket silencer.

Charles Buxton – Scorpion’s Marketing coordinator said “It’s great to be able to showcase our skills on bespoke projects like this and it’s rewarding to be apart of a Guinness World Record. I hope we can continue our strong relationship with Honda UK and Team Dynamics Motorsport going forward.


Official Video

Watch the Honda Mean Mower take the title below.


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