Introducing: Scorpion Exhaust’s Golf R Project

Introducing: Scorpion Exhaust’s Golf R Project

At Scorpion, we love to get out on the road. We love to ride and we love to drive, so we thought long and hard about what would be the ideal ‘b-road blaster’ to enjoy the Derbyshire roads.


After a few cups of tea and a some heated discussion from the Ford, Renault and Vauxhall camps in the workforce we decided upon the MK6 Golf R.

Why a Golf R? Well it’s one of the VAG group’s most tuneable platforms, already boasting 265bhp as standard and Haldex 4wd. It’s a solid base to improve upon. Being a VW it sits in one of the most well catered for aftermarket arenas, with suspension, brake and power upgrades aplenty.


With Scorpion’s new MK6 Golf R turbo back exhaust providing the soundtrack, it’s having something of an overhaul thanks to our friends at KW Automotive, Revo, Forge Motorsport and Regal Autosport. Check back to the blog to see the evolution of our idea of the perfect fast road Golf!

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