FITTED: 70mm ‘Discreet’ system for VW T5 Transporter

FITTED: 70mm ‘Discreet’ system for VW T5 Transporter

The T5 is one of Volkswagen’s most versatile vehicles, bridging the gap between a traditional commercial vehicle and that of a well-equipped family car. What’s more, with so many variations including the van, minibus, pick-up and campervan, it’s no surprise the T5 platform has attracted a huge following over the years. With this in mind, Scorpion is proud to offer a range of exhaust solutions to suit all your T5 needs which you can read about here.


Earlier in the month, Scorpion Exhausts welcomed Shaun Lewis and his immaculate T5 Transporter to our Derby-based HQ. Heavily modified with the likes of air suspension, later-spec front end and Rotiform FUC wheels, it’s safe to say Shaun’s T5 just screams Euro style! So when it came to choosing the right exhaust system, Scorpion’s 70mm ‘Discreet’ setup was the perfect choice – giving maximum performance gains with a hidden exhaust tip to compliment the super-smooth exterior.

T5 Bus-1-2[1]

The end result looks seriously awesome, and we’re pleased to hear Shaun’s loving the new power and noise gains from his Scorpion system. For T5 owners who want a more sporty look, Scorpion offers this system both resonated and non-resonated with twin or quad tailpipe options. For more information on our T5 range of exhausts, please contact Scorpion @

T5 Under[1]


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