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Scorpion Merchandise
M140i Non-GPF Model

BMW M140i Non-GPF Model
2016 - 2018

Non-resonated Cat-Back / Ascari / SBMS076CF

Non-resonated cat-back system

Part No: SBMS076CF




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90mm Ascari Tailpipe
80mm/3.15" Pipework
Lifetime Warranty
Fully Interchangeable


BMW really came to be recognised as producers of performance saloons after the formation of their famous M Division in the 1970’s and a real game changer for them was the launch of the E30 M3 in 1986 which went on to gain numerous championship victories in touring car racing. One of the first exhausts Scorpion developed was their own performance exhaust for the E30 M3 and at the same time Scorpion introduced the legendary DTM tailpipe to the UK market. Ever since Scorpion has been at the forefront of producing performance exhausts for BMW’s M cars and numerous others.

Our leading technicians have developed through rigorous trial and testing an 80mm / 3.15” cat-back system for the turbocharged 3-litre straight-six M140i. We’re offering this system as valved - which retains the OE functionality that is controlled by the cars onboard ECU. Our precision engineered exhausts utilise our track to road technology and research. This results in cutting-edge performance exhaust systems ready to take-on the toughest track or the roughest of road usage. Fabricated using premium high thermal tolerance T304 aerospace grade stainless steel tube that will endure through the harshest of conditions.

Shaping our pipework using CNC Mandrel bent large bore design permits maximum performance by allowing a greater flow of exhaust gas, which results in our exhausts providing a sharper throttle response and increase in bhp. Our manufacturing process also yields weight-saving gains in the form of an overall measurable reduction when compared to the OE system.

When applicable Scorpion systems are fitted with an acoustically developed back box(es). Tailored specifically to the model of car, due to the extensive list of factors which dictate an exhausts soundtrack and behaviour. All our back boxes are manufactured to enhance and fine-tune the acoustics for the ultimate sensory driving experience.

Our signature range of Scorpion tailpipes are instantly recognisable due to their popularity with performance enthusiasts worldwide, maintaining Scorpion’s unwavering standard of build-quality. Providing the option to tailor the aesthetics of our systems to suit individual taste has always been a priority, for this reason we offer a selection of styles and finishes depending on the cars model and manufacturer. For this system drivers can choose from 90mm carbon Ascari, polished Daytona or black ceramic Daytona.

For those who wish to improve upon the existing OE system we’re offering a resonator delete kit. This 80mm / 3.15” pipework is designed to work alongside the OE backbox to produce a much sportier tone by removing the resonated silencer. Unleash the 3-litre straight-six’s unreal acoustics with this must-have modification for any M140i owner.

Drivers wanting to take the next step in exhaust performance, Scorpion technicians have provided the solution with a sports catalyst or de-cat downpipe. Sports catalyst downpipes are fitted with a 200 cell, high-flow performance catalyst which has a much greater flow over OEM. De-cat downpipes remove the catalyst all-together resulting in unobstructed gas-flow and intended for those pushing the limits of engine performance. (For closed circuit use only)


Our innovation towards performance, packaging and durability keeps Scorpion at the cutting edge of this highest form of production based motorsport.

This approach allows customers to share the emotion and thrills of our racing programme in a premium product that can be fitted directly onto your road vehicle.


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Technical Data

Technical information for SBMS076CF
Product Type Cat-Back
Resonated Non-resonated
Fitment Years 2016 - 2018
Fits To OEM / Scorpion
Model Fitment M140i (F20, F21) including XDrive
Pipe Diameter 80mm/3.15" *
Tailpipe Ascari
Tailpipe Diameter 90mm
Shipping Dimensions 100cm x 63cm x 36cm
Notes Valves require O.E motors.
OEM Scorpion Change
Weight Difference 19.6 KG 16.53 KG -3.07 KG


Spares for SBMS076CF | Please note these are not required when purchasing a new product.
Fitting Kit- Sbms074, Sbms074c, Sbms076, Sbms076c

Fitting Kit- Sbms074, Sbms074c, Sbms076, Sbms076c



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