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Scorpion Merchandise
Scorpion Lanyard
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Becoming A Dealer

NOBODY IS PUSHING AHEAD FASTER than Scorpion by creating exciting and innovative new products which captivate the imagination of both 2 and 4 wheel enthusiasts like no other brand on the market today.

As part of our exciting global network development plan Scorpion have a number of dealer openings for the right partners.

If you’re looking to stock the exhaust brand in demand, attract more customers, higher revenues and better margin for your business; then maybe it’s time YOUR business was running on Red Power.


Scorpion manufacture a huge range of auto products from rear silencers, half systems, full sports systems, sports cats and de-cats to manifolds, ‘Y Pieces’ and turbo downpipes. An equally huge range of vehicles are covered - currently some 22 car marques with multiple year models for each. Scorpion are constantly monitoring manufacturer development programs so that we are first to market - with the best systems - for the most popular new vehicles coming through. This means that as a trade partners you will have a great Scorpion product option for almost every customer that comes your way.


Scorpion have been 2-wheel market leaders for over 20 years. During that time Scorpion has always been the ‘brand in demand’ - favoured by British and World Championship riders and teams from a diverse range of motorsports. Consistently creating winning systems in such demanding and competitive environments really tells in today’s product. When you pick up a Scorpion motorcycle exhaust the quality is tangible. Precision craftsmanship, exquisite materials and stunning design - all things your customers will notice too. Additionally, the Scorpion brand is built into the product itself - the premium range carrying a signature ‘Red Power’ red inlay tip allowing identification from the back of the bike - a selling point unique to Scorpion.

Please read our brochure below to find out more benefits of becoming a trusted Scorpion dealer. If you would like to make an enquiry, please contact us using the form on our contact page.

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