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Car Exhaust Fitting Guide

Welcome to our car exhaust fitting guide. This guide covers the basic information to install our system to your car, specific information regarding cutting points, valves, brackets etc will be included within the product paperwork. Not the guide you're after? We also have a Motorcycle and Scooter exhaust fitting guide.

Download this guide as a PDF file. [2.8mb]

Before You Begin

  • Ensure your vehicle has had sufficient time to fully cool down before touching any exhaust components.
  • Check components against included packing list.
  • Wear gloves and other essential PPE.
  • Ensure you have a basic set of tools, including a socket set and pry bar. A saw may be required if the original exhaust requires cutting to be removed.

Removing the O.E Exhaust

  • Spray all bolts, hanging rubbers and joints with lubricant and allow time to penetrate.
  • If your vehicle has an electronic or vacuum exhaust valve, this will need to be disconnected.
  • NOTE: Some O.E exhausts are installed as one piece before the rear axle is installed, and will need to be cut before they can be removed. Detailed instructions will be included if cutting is required.
  • Loosen all bolts and clamps.
  • Remove the original exhaust system starting from the rear of the car and working to the front.
  • Original exhaust systems can be heavy due to the materials they are made from, and the size of silencers. Take care when removing the exhaust to avoid any damage to your vehicle.
  • NOTE: On certain vehicles, it can be difficult to pop the exhaust out of the hangers, you may find it easier to remove the bracket assembly from your vehicle.

Fitting The Scorpion System

Lay the Scorpion system out next to the original, to help get an understanding of how it will piece together on the car.
If your vehicle comes fitted with an electronic exhaust valve, you may need to transfer this over from the factory system to the Scorpion.
  • Begin to install the Scorpion system, working from the front to the rear of your vehicle.
  • We recommend smearing a small amount of high-temperature silicon inside each slotted/slip joint. This will help prevent any leaks and prevent pipework from seizing together.
  • Loosely tighten the clamps as you are fitting the system.

Final Checks

  • Install tailpipes and check they are level before final adjustments.
  • Tighten the clamps from the front to the rear of your vehicle. Make any required adjustments as you are going along, and be careful to not overtighten clamps.
  • If your vehicle came with an electronic or vacuum valve, reconnect this now.
  • Ensure the exhaust is clear of any moving parts.
  • Wipe any oil/grease from the Scorpion system.
  • Start your vehicle up in a well ventilated area and leave to tick over for around 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Check the system for any leaks.
  • Take your vehicle for a test drive, and drive at various engine speeds to allow the exhaust to settle in properly.
  • Allow the exhaust to partially cool down, and then re-check that all joints are adequately tightened and ensure there are sufficient clearances around the exhaust system.


Exhaust components will be hot after test driving. Use gloves and take extra care.


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