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S3 2.0TFSi Quattro 8Y Sportback

Audi S3 2.0TFSi Quattro 8Y Sportback
2020 - 2022

Resonated Cat/GPF-Back / Valved / Ascari / SAU093CF

Resonated cat/gpf back system & electronic valves

Part No: SAU093CF




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114mm Ascari Tailpipe
80mm/3.15" Pipework
Lifetime Warranty


One of the VAG group of companies Audi really got noticed as producers of performance road cars in the early 80’s with their release of the legendary Audi Ur Quattro the world’s first all-wheel drive turbo production car. A real game changer which went on to win numerous world rally championships and sowed the seeds for their future high performance road cars. Scorpion has a heritage of producing high quality performance exhausts for these legends of the 80’s through to the highly sought-after performance models available now.

Scorpions offers an extensive range for the Audi S3 (8Y) 2.0 turbo models. Starting with a 80mm/3.15” Cat/GPF back system available as resonated, non-resonated, valved and non-valved all finished with a choice of polished, black ceramic coated or premium carbon Ascari tailpipes. The various options allow you to build a performance system to suit your individual needs and preferences. A valved and resonated system is more in line with the OE system whilst giving improved performance and a slightly deeper tone this would be our recommended option for a daily drive. At the other end of the scale there is the non-valved and none resonated option for those wanting all out sound and performance. 


Our innovation towards performance, packaging and durability keeps Scorpion at the cutting edge of this highest form of production based motorsport.

This approach allows customers to share the emotion and thrills of our racing programme in a premium product that can be fitted directly onto your road vehicle.


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Technical Data

Technical information for SAU093CF
Product Type Cat/GPF-Back
Resonated Resonated
Valve Yes
Fitment Years 2020 - 2022
Model Fitment S3 8Y Sportback
Pipe Diameter 80mm/3.15" *
Tailpipe Ascari
Tailpipe Diameter 114mm
Shipping Dimensions 101cm x 62cm x 35cm
OEM Scorpion Change
Weight Difference 21.3 KG 19.2 KG -2.1 KG


Spares for SAU093CF | Please note these are not required when purchasing a new product.
Fitting Kit, Svw054 / Svws054 / Svw055 / Svws055 / Svw065 / Svws065 / Svw066/ Svws066

Fitting Kit, Svw054 / Svws054 / Svw055 / Svws055 / Svw065 / Svws065 / Svw066/ Svws066



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