675 Daytona Full System


Full System including headers as used by the the entire Triumph Triple Challenge grid and Team Haribo Starmix, British Superstock 600 riders,  Tommy Dale & Alex Olsen.



UNDER SEAT UPGRADE An upgrade for bikes with an under seat exhaust fitted as standard. Scorpion Stealth follows the same intricate routing and fixing points of the OEM system for an easy, perfect fit. Designed primarily for improved clearance and centralised weight distribution, Scorpion Stealth brings performance increases you can feel and a great looking finish at the visible 'business end' of the exhaust. Additionally, Stealth is fully optimised to operate with the bikes standard ECU.


Satin Titanium
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Full System complete with Header's, Link Pipe and Rear Silencer. As used by the Triumph Triple Challenge grid and Team Haribo Starmix, British 600 Superstock.

3-2-1 Headers, spring mounted, complete with pipe to pipe balance tubes for optimum performance.

Precision machined Stainless Steel Port Collars & Flanges.

The 675's of Team Haribo Starmix both use the Scorpion Full System in their challenge for the British Superstock 600 Title.

  • Triumph 675 Full System

  • Triumph 675 Full System Headers

  • Triumph 675 Full System Port Collars and Flanges

  • Team Haribo Starmix Triumph 675

Installation / Dyno

Sounds Like


// Group 'A' Sound
A group ‘A’ exhaust system has been designed to give not only a deeper than standard exhaust note, but one that is also much more aggressive and purposeful. For when an e-mark isn’t necessary.
// BSI Approved
An exhaust that complies to stringent BSI regulations and is road legal throughout the whole of the UK. As it complies to standards set out by the British Standards Institute governing noise.
This system has been constructed utilising state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and advanced materials to give a dramatic reduction in weight over O.E.
Featuring Scorpions original - and best - removable baffle system. Gives riders the option of a straight-through racer soundtrack (where legal to do so).
This exhaust has been power optimised for your vehicle to give optimal model specific performance increases across the entire usable rev range.
An e-Marked exhaust which fully complies with stringent European standards governing noise and emission levels. This system is fully road legal across Europe.
Features an uprated 200 cell catalyst which reduces emissions whilst still retaining the high flow rates necessary to achieve optimum power gains.